Sunday, 25 July 2010

Sadly, not unexpected...or unprecedented

We all remember that fiery politician in 1996 who railed against immigration and for better or worse captured the nation's attention....has she gone to the UK yet? Anyway, she started off as a Liberal candidate....and then was disendorsed before the election but elected because the paperwork was filed after the ballots had been printed. Ah, technicalities.

Now we have another Liberal candidate saying silly things....makes me wonder what kind of people make up the rank and file of that party. Disappointing, yes. Unexpected, no...and I wonder how many more Liberal (or non-Liberal, just to be fair) candidates think the same way.

I know most of our politicians prefer to play politics, but they should start getting on with their job. Infrastructure problems are not limited to western Sydney but the state government there has apparently done its best to outperform in the playing politics stakes. Maybe we should borrow from our American friends and vote the incumbents out. Sphere: Related Content

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