Thursday, 22 July 2010

How is this surprising?

So, seeing how the 2010 Australian Federal Election campaign is in full swing...I guess for my first post on this blog, this is appropriate.

A "surprising" preference deal between Labor and the Greens (really?)....the less we rely on those silly how-to-vote cards, the less power that faceless party powerbrokers have over elections. I remember one time when I refused to accept a how-to-vote card from a Liberal supporter and he scoffed at me....umm, nice way to get me to vote for you. Just because I don't take the card doesn't mean I don't support the party, it just means I will make my own choice - which I did.

Been a little busy recently but looking forward to the circus that will be the next few weeks.

Image credit: Suat Eman / Sphere: Related Content

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