Monday, 26 July 2010

Which is the bigger worry...?

Living in Japan I live with the ever-present threats of earthquakes, overcrowded trains, Gozilla...and perennial favourite: North Korea

Looking at the Australian election campaign, you'd think immigrants were the new undesirables. Considering both Gillard and Abbott were born overseas, it makes you wonder what really goes on inside their heads at times...

The above crikey blog pretty much hits the spot, except that I disagree with the insinuation that international students rorted the system in obtaining permanent residency. That option was not illegal and the fact that so many shoddy "educational institutions" popped up actually points the finger of blame at the bureaucracy that allowed those institutions to be registered. It makes me wonder if our political leaders actually take note of what goes on around the world, Indian students are already looking past Australia as an option and the US looks like it is gearing up to increase international student numbers. Can Australia compete against an America in full marketing mode?

I would think it is common sense that when workers are in short supply as stated by bodies such as the Business Council of Australia and WA's Chamber of Commerce, that the prospect of allowing international students take up permanent residency to live and work in Australia would be ideal. These students have shown an interest in Australia, committed themselves financially to pay for their education, and spent considerable time in the community. If they want to stay it most likely means they like the damn place!

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