Thursday, 29 July 2010

Hypocrisy....sadly, it's everywhere.

I am not a supporter of capital punishment. My basis for this is that no matter how removed you are from the process it is still a form of murder: deliberate, state-sanctioned murder.

Law enforcement and armed conflict pose similar philosophical questions as they are state-sanctioned but the circumstances are vastly and clearly different. Capital punishment is usually a drawn-out argument seeking permission to methodically end someone's life.

Now, coming to the reason why I am writing about the always controversial topic of capital punishment.... it is reported today that the Justice Minister of Japan signed off on two hangings (yes, Japan still hangs people). Until yesterday she was seen as another Justice Minister that would hold off on signing for the executions of convicted felons as had been done in the early 1990's. It is therefore very difficult to understand why the current minister, who is publicly oppossed to the death penalty, would authorise not one, but two executions in the closing days of her ministerial career. The actions of Keiko Chiba make no logical sense to me.

Lastly, a few more links on the above topic:
1. "Five myths about the death penalty" by David Garland...quite an eye-opener to find out France used the guillotine until 1977 (although thankfully not in the middle of a square a la Reign of Terror).
2. "More than reasonable doubt about death penalty"by former New York State Police investigator Terrence P. Dwyer. Sphere: Related Content

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