Monday, 26 July 2010

Heat wave in Japan

If you are in Japan right about now you will know how excruciatingly hot it has been for the last week or more (depending on the region of Japan that you find yourself in, it may be longer). What is truly shocking is the number of people that have succumbed to heat exhaustion and heatstroke in the last few days.

Listing all the news reports can be a little time-consuming, but to get the picture: this report from Thursday 22 July and this one from Monday 26 July give a rough idea of how each day has developed.

Slightly related to the above...there are a few individuals who I know here in Japan that sleep with their windows closed and their aircons switched off. I understand switching the aircon off as I am not a big fan of leaving it on overnight; though there are some instances when it is essential. But closing all windows in what are usually tiny Japanese apartments/houses is asking for a not so pleasant and restless night, at least in my opinion.

MedlinePlus tends to have a thorough database on many topics and while it is written for American audiences (degrees Fahrenheit and 911 Emergency Numbers...), it has concise yet detailed information about heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Here's wishing everyone stays cool during the Northern Summer (and warm during the Southern Winter).

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